Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Naked Business Intelligence

Naked Business Intelligence XXX - only for experts

There are many types of business intelligence solutions in company Decision Support Systems. They've been used for enhancing business decisions, strategic decisions and better leadership.Some examples of BI solutions are campaign management, customer segmentation, churn prediction, material management, dashboards, balance scorecards, economic value add, activity based costing, product calculators, contract management,different data mining solutions and many more.Business has variety of needs that need to be covered with different solutions and specific requests urge for specific solutions.That is the reason for so many different BI variations.

Fact is that today there is no one stop shop solution, one single solution for Business intelligence. In other words there is no group of BI solutions that can cover all decision support systems information needs. Like in many other fields of life there are no single platforms vendors solutions for all types of industry specifics.

Furthermore BI software variations van be grouped according to functionalities like: data mining, business performance management (BPM), specialized BI modules and "standard" BI.There is a difference between Business Performance Management and all other BI solutions is in field of usage, BPM is designed for finance and management reporting and other BI for all non financial customers. Let's call them business customers.

Standard BI is simple business intelligence without mixture with finance and without applied specialized functionalities and coding according to specialized fields of usage. It's prime role is to deliver data from production systems properly filtered and formatted. User combines from prepared reports or cubes any ad-hoc query or standard report in no time. Only limit is methodology of data extraction, data quality and process-reporting transparency.That's it, nothing more like graphs, semaphores, comparisons, dashboards, comments and etc. Standard BI provides pure data extraction and data presentation and that is the reason why we like to call it NAKED Business Intelligence.It is so simple and it is so powerful for data presentation and analysis.