Thursday, November 3, 2011

Intelligence Careers - With SAP Business Intelligence (BI) in Federal Government Contracts

SAP Software Government solutions are being adopted by many federal government agencies and now becoming mainstream in federal government environment. The logical next step is to build business intelligence capability to analyze the data.

About the SAP BI tool: It is a reporting system which seamlessly connects with the SAP Software to extract the data so the user can report on the data with user friendly front end tools. SAP BI can also connect to other external data sources. The main advantage of connecting to SAP Software is that SAP Software has inbuilt extractors in the system. The extractors can be leveraged to quickly deploy the SAP BI System. These sap extractors are pre built they have all the business rules implemented.

Intelligence Career opportunities in new Implementations:

Once the SAP Software is stable, clients want to install SAP Business intelligence. This is because running reports in SAP Software directly degrades the SAP System performance. SAP Business intelligence is part of all the SAP ECC systems. For small clients they can run SAP BI and SAP Business Software in the same system. This way they do not have spend money on expensive software

Intelligence Career opportunities in upgrades and Business objects:

With the purchase of the business objects software SAP is pushing all the clients to migrate to the new SAP Business Objects front end. Then means there will be lot of work with recreating the reports, testing and documentation. If consultants has reporting experience they can comfortably assimilate into the SAP Business object consulting market

Intelligence Career:

If you have any kind of business warehouse experience then that can be leverage to get into consulting career. The basic concept of creating the reporting is same. You can upgrade / tweak your skills to adapt to the new environment. Most of the federal government Clearance Careers requires US Citizenship and clean personal record. You have to be ready to open up your personal life. The investigations will get into your personal finances and relationships with your family and friends. This can sometimes be very can intensive.


Do not ignore the job just because it is requiring secret clearance. That means they prefer to have professional who have previous clearance. But that does not mean they will ignore consultants who have good experience and skills. So apply to any job which fits your skill set. Eventually you will have match and get into the job.

The Benefit:

Most of the Federal Secret Clearance jobs are high paid and also longterm. If you do not mind the scrutiny then it definitely a good option to venture into Intelligence careers with SAP Software

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