Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Business Intelligence and Benchmarking

Business Intelligence (BI) is defined as the technological applications and the analytical processes that were used to estimate the position of an industry or a business in the market. These are the many tools that can estimate accurately where your business lies and how it had grown from the past.

It describes the pattern or the graph that is derived out of such analyses tools. Each of these could help us analyze the present, past and the future situations of our businesses in comparison to that of others and our competitors. Well-established tools rather than simple tools could provide such benchmarking.

Business intelligence tools would not only help you check your growth in the market, it would also help you check the progress of every department within your own organization. This will give an estimate of which department yields more profit and which yields the least profit. With this information, you must be able to analyse what could be done to promote the department that stay at the end of the stack.

If every information and statistics provided the analysis is utilized properly this would lead to the automatic growth of the business and the organization. The way one uses this business strategies and decision will help them move ahead of all the competitors in the market. One should remember that everyone would be using the same tools to estimate their progress. Therefore, the difference lies in the way you use them and not in the tools.

Advantages Of Business Intelligence

The advantages are as follows,

1. Estimate the growth of your organization among the other competitive organizations in the market
2. Estimate the growth of your company by analyzing the variations of the yield from department to department.
3. Determine the key clients to your competitors and their various ways to achieve success.

These advantages have made these tools to gain fame and name in the business industries.

I hope this simple description will help you to use business intelligence tools and find great success in your business.